Lucky escape

The un-stowed loader crane on a refuse truck brought down a large overhead street sign gantry beam in central Stockholm, Sweden yesterday. The beam landed on the truck and a car in which there were two occupants.
The crane brought down a heavy overhead beam

The truck was travelling with its loader crane raised over the vehicle’s collection bin, and it was clearly way too high to pass under the signs and supporting gantry. It ripped from the beam from its supports, with one end crashing down onto the truck’s cab, while the other end landed on the front passenger area of a parked car.
The car contained a man in the driving seat and an 18 your old child in the back seat

A man and his 18 month old son were sitting in the car waiting for the man’s wife to join them. Miraculously neither he, nor the young child were injured, although they were taken to hospital for a routine check-up. The truck driver on the other hand suffered minor injuries and will be charged with driving without due care and attention, and endangering other road users.
The offending truck with its raised loader crane


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