Last chance to participate

Time is running out on your chance to participate in our annual rental rate survey. The forms are available online for downloading and completing, so once completed please send as soon as possible to sp@vertikal.net. We would very much appreciate your input and support in making this the most comprehensive survey so far.

The main survey is for the UK and Ireland, but we welcome input from other markets too*. Also do not feel that you have to answer every question. Complete as much as you can or are willing to – even if it is merely a comment on the trend of rates or to say if you would recommend the industry to your children or not.

You can add your company name if you wish, or send them back entirely anonymously. The data is not stored under any name, but is simply added to the global survey database to calculate the average rates and utilisation for the industry as a whole.
The survey results do not reveal any company details

The links to the forms are:
Telehandlers click here
Aerial work platforms click here
Crane Hire click here

The information and results from this survey will be crunched and formatted before appearing in the December/January issue of Cranes & Access. If you would like to see last year’s survey results and prior years Click here to go to the rental rate survey section of the library
Your participation would be very much appreciated

The guide is increasingly used as a reference piece for the industry, both by contractors and other end users, as well as analysts and finance houses looking at long term trends and returns etc. Your participation makes a real difference.

The filing deadline has already passed but if you are quick you can still have your say, so if you wish to participate please send your forms ASAP to either sp@vertikal.net or tt@vertikal.net.

Finally if you are interested in sponsoring or advertising within the guide, that would also be much appreciated – please let us know as soon as possible as prime spaces are limited.

*For readers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria we do of course conduct an entirely separate survey from our office in Freiburg.


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