Hybeko Tunnel GS-3390 RT

Norwegian Genie distributor Hybeko has launched the 33ft Hybeko Tunnel 3390 RT scissor lift, based on the standard Genie GS-3390 RT Rough Terrain scissor lift.

A key feature of the factory approved Hybeko conversion is its two mode operation - Tunnel or Standard - with working heights of eight or 11.94 metres respectively, selected with the turn of a key. In Tunnel mode the lift has an eight metre working height, but can drive at full height on slopes of up to eight degrees - typical inclines found in Norwegian tunnels. Maximum travel speed when stowed is 8kph.

Hybeko decided to retain the standard diesel power rather than switch to battery power, due to long recharging times and the fact that recharging is not permitted in tunnels in Norway. The engine is though equipped with a high performance catalyst and diesel particulate filter to keep harmful emissions as low as possible.
The Hybeko Tunnel 3390RT can drive on inclines of up to eight degrees at working heights of up to eight metres

The tunnel GS-3390 is also equipped with the 7.39 metre long dual extension Super deck, a chassis mounted cable drum stand that extends to avoid interference with the extended deck, towing support and air/water services to the platform.

Maximum platform capacity is 1,134kg, enough for seven people, their tools and equipment.
The Hybeko Tunnel GS-3390 includes a chassis mounted cable drum stand

Chief executive Espen Johannessen said: “With more tunnels opening each year, in addition to an extensive existing tunnel network that requires regular maintenance, Norway counts several huge projects that are scheduled for completion within the next 10 years. However, while market demand for access equipment is high, work in tunnels means adapting equipment to specific requirements. These include low exhaust emissions, lower working heights to avoid contact with overhead obstacles such as fans and efficiencies that help save time to work rapidly. Designed with and for our customers in Norway, our Hybeko Tunnel 3390 RT scissor lift is built to meet all the different aspects of tunnel and general construction access applications following the latest European EN 280 guidelines.”
Hybeko Tunnel 3390 RT in action

Established in 1972, Hybeko is a sales and service company headquartered in Skien with depots in Bergen, Trondheim and Lillestrøm. The company employs 52 and also runs a fleet of Dinolift and Leguan aerial lifts, as well as Genie telehandlers.


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