Harness saves man in boom tip

A boom overturned last week in Viborg, Denmark when one of the wheels appears to have sunk into the ground.

The lift, which looks like a very old old JLG 800 was working on the offices of the local newspaper, one of the two men in the platform had climbed on to the roof when one of the wheels appears to have sank into the road surface. The boom was full raised and retracted and as such would have been back heavy, especially after the load in the platform was halved. It tipped rearwards with the boom landing on the offices of a law firm, preventing it going all the way, and then recoiling to rest on its counterweight.
The overturned boom with the stranded operator

The man was able to keep the weight off his harness by standing on the boom

Thankfully the man left in the platform was also wearing a harness and lanyard, albeit a long one. He was able to stand on the base boom while waiting for the emergency services. The local fire department used a rescue platform to bring him down within 15 minutes in what was a very efficient rescue. They then rescued the other man from the roof of the newspaper building.
The emergency services arrived within 15 minutes and carried out a swift rescue


Granted an Emergency situation, but given the fact the 800 has popped a hole in the road, no use of mats on the Rescue apparatus that has riggers deployed in a similar area?? Just Saying...

26 Mar 2019
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