Crane fire brings boom down

A crawler crane caught fire and dropped its boom yesterday at a site in Alpharetta, Georgia – due north of Atlanta.

It seems that a large power pack mounted on the back of the crane’s counterweight caught fire and burnt through the boom hoist cables, causing the boom to fall.
The fire brings down the boom

The crane looks like a relatively new Kobelco owned by local sales and rental company Dozier. It offers crane on a bare lease or operated basis. This crane appears to be setting up for foundation work and was support a tower at the time. It was working alongside the Avalon shopping mall. Thankfully no one was injured in the incident and damage appears to be limited to the crane and foundation equipment.
Final touches

The video below has been posted on Youtube and shows the entire incident as it happened, it gets off to a slow start and takes a while so you may want to skip through some of it. But it does show very clearly exactly what happened from just after the fire began to after the boom hit the ground.


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