Utility worker falls

A linesman working on overhead cables in Norton, Massachusetts – south of Boston, towards Providence, Rhode Island - yesterday fell around 10 metres from his truck mounted work platform, sustaining a serious electric shock on the way down.
The linesman fell out of the bucket touching power lines on the way down

The man said to be in his 40s was apparently leaning out of the bucket to reach a cable with an insulated pole, when he overstretched and fell out of the platform, contacting live power lines on the way down. He suffered serious burns and was only saved by the quick action of a policeman who just happened to be on duty there at the time and was able to administer CPR.
A closer look at the platform/bucket

The man was part of a National Grid team that has been replacing some of the telegraph poles in the area, he remains in hospital in a serious condition. It is quite clear that he was not wearing a harness and restraint lanyard at the time, or this simply would not have occurred. Both the police and Osha are investigating.


To think some sites want mobile crane op's to have a harness when getting up on their crane. Same with slingers that need to be up to land the counterweight slabs for those that have them transported.
And here we are, utility companies sending out their workers without safety gear that, given their scope of everyday works, becomes *basic* safety gear.

27 May 2019
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