Man on the roof

Spotted by a reader in Hatfield near Doncaster a couple of weeks ago, a man working on a house roof with a platform that he has climbed out of and left behind.

He is clearly working on the roof apex, and has used the pick up mounted platform to reach the roof, but then abandoned it to climb up to the work area with his materials.

A Death Wish? Well its far from the worst cases we have seen for this type of activity, the roof is dry, looks very solid, appears to have a ‘grippy’ surface and a gentle slope. The riskiest part of the exercise was probably climbing out of the platform and then carrying the materials up to the top. At least he did not use a ladder to access the roof, where the transition is far riskier.

This type of work is quite awkward with a regular work platform basket, he could perhaps have taken the platform a little closer to the work and harnessed himself to it?? Although there is no sign of a harness. The fact is most small builders faced with this application would have done much the same, but not have even bothered with a platform to reach the roof, and very few would have considered using a special roofers platform.

A Death Wish? We will add it to our series but seems a little strong for this one? Feel free to voice your view.
Have a safe weekend.


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