Double fatality in Istanbul

Two men cleaning windows on a high rise hotel, died after the truck mounted platform they were using overturned in Istanbul, Turkey late last month.
The platform overturned while working on a window cleaning job

It is far from clear what caused the incident

We only received the information this week, but it is reported to have occurred on May 26th. It seems that the two men were using a 70 metre Wumag WT700 four axle truck mounted platform from the Kardeşler Vinç fleet to clean windows on the Hotel Grand Rimedya when it overturned, dropping the basket more than 30 metres to the ground.

Both men, Soner Oğuz (42) and Adil Demir (52) were both wearing harnesses, albeit with long lanyards, but the platform struck the ground with full force throwing them out onto the ground. Both were declared dead at the scene.
The two men were thrown from the platform when it landed

What caused the lift to overturn is hard to say, the outriggers were extended on the lift side, and there does not appear to have been any ground related issues.

We will update this item if and when we learn more.


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