Working over the road

Spotted in Bolton, UK a few weeks ago, two men working from the platform of an articulated boom lift on a commercial construction job. Neither are wearing harnesses and lanyards, and some will also raise the fact that apart from one hi viz vest they are lacking in regular PPE equipment. However it is questionable how donning more of that would have helped reduce risks on this particular job. More importantly they are working over the open pavement/sidewalk which our correspondent says was open to pedestrians.
Two men at work over the top of a walkway

We cannot see what the ground that the 63ft boom lift is operating from – if high quality, high load bearing smooth concrete, with zero clutter/obstacles then the risks are quite low, if on the other hand the ground is rough, has kerbs or gulleys or littered with debris, then there is a higher risk of a catapult effect if they drive the machine at height, with the two likely to be thrown over the guardrails, possibly landing on any passing pedestrians or in to the open road.
Not a harness or lanyard in sight

If an HSE inspector had passed by it would not only be the contractor who would be in the firing line, the developer could easily get dragged into any subsequent prosecution.

Not our worst example of bad practice but still one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


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