Boom lift electrocution

A man was electrocuted in late May while trying to raise a power line with a self-propelled boom lift in Kirkland, near Rockford, Illinois.

The man, Luke Carmichael, 36, was operating the Snorkel boom lift from the back of a low loader/semi trailer on May 28th, trying to raise the power lines so that a large grain silo on the back of a truck could pass underneath. When the platform contacted the power lines the current arced to ground passing through him. He was declared dead at the scene. We believe that he was operating the machine from the lower controls, but have not been able to confirm if that is the case or not.
The boom lift and grain silo, some time after the investigators arrived

The incident is being investigated by OSHA and the DeKalb County Sheriff.


Wait, he used the boom, while on the truck, to lift the power lines? What could he possible have been thinking ?

Jun 12, 2019
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