New waste bin crane

Hiab unveiled a new crane for the waste collection market, the S-HiPro 230W at the ReinigingsDemoDagen (RDD) show in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
The new Hiab S-HiPro 230W

Designed for emptying underground refuse containers, the S-HiPro 230W joins the S-HiPro 130W launched in 2014, but offers lift capacity improvements in the region of 30 percent, while being around 150kg lighter than earlier models. It features a four section full power telescopic boom and the whole crane folds flat on top of the trucks waste hopper. It is also equipped with the latest HiPro remote control system which is aimed at making it easier for novice crane operators to use, along with Hiab’s Semi-Automatic Motion system, which is said to further simplify crane operation.

Hans Ohlsson director of Hiab’s Medium Range loader cranes said: "As more cities around the world turn to underground containers as an aesthetically pleasant and convenient solution for managing waste, we have been listening to customers about the challenges of handling and emptying these containers. Working in traffic on congested streets, they need equipment that allows them to collect the waste quickly, without damaging the truck or posing a risk to operators and the surrounding area. In an industry with high employee turnover, they also need technology that offers simple and intuitive control for beginning operators. With a crane that practically controls itself, operators can instead concentrate on making sure that they, the truck and the surrounding areas are safe and protected."
The new Hiab S-HiPro 230W features a four section telescopic boom


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