Terex self-erector for R&J

US crane rental company R&J Lifting Solutions has taken delivery of a four tonne Terex CBR 40H self erecting tower crane.

The CBR 40H can handle one tonne at its maximum jib length of 40 metres, and operates on 20 kVA electric power. It will be used on small commercial projects, condominiums and utility applications in Texas.
Terex CBR 40H

President Joe Galbraith said: “We see a significant opportunity to help framers of small hotels and multifamily buildings position materials more efficiently and cost-effectively by using the CBR 40H crane. The remote control allows the operator to move with the load, making it easy to see where it’s placed. It’s quick to move in and out of the jobsite, requires a very small footprint, and offers a great bang for the buck.”

Chief operating officer Randy Thorp added: “The self erecting crane design covers twice the area that a telehandler can in half the time and at about the same rental price point. The big plus for the crane is it requires only a 4.2 metre footprint for its base, allowing it to be put in tight spots where a mobile crane cannot fit.”


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