Northern depot for MAS

UK rental company Media Access Solutions has opened a new depot in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

The new facility is located on a 930 square metre plot with 560 square metres of it under cover. The facility will serve existing clients in the region as well as supporting its other locations. The company is based in Birmingham, with a location near Pinewood, Shepperton and Elstree studies, as well as on site operations at Media City Manchester, BBC Glasgow and ITV Leeds. The company's fleet includes boom lifts, scissor lifts, spider lifts, truck mounted platforms and telehandlers.
The warehouse at MAS’ Northern depot

Managing director Tim Kendall Bastock said: “due to our superb and unrivalled service levels in the south , in the past year we have won substantial clients in the north without even pushing for the work, including being sole supplier on new Peaky Blinders Series 5. Due to great relationships with our Northern access suppliers, we have been able to facilitate all of these orders on rehire, but it’s now at a level that we have to be in control of our own kit and orders in this area. We’ve been on the lookout for some time for a northern depot that ticks all the boxes and this one certainly does.”


Truck mounts in the fleet? Telehandlers. Both rehired. Depots in all these locations? One day honesty will prevail in MAS marketing. 2 depots. 250/300 machines. Leighton Buzzard and Sheffield. Not actively seeking work?! Hilarious. Be honest, do not get lost in your own hype or snowed under with brown envelopes.

15 Aug 2019

Oddly that image of just 4 scissor lifts in a large warehouse makes me laugh.
Without the context of the rest of the article, just the headline, I thought of this:

"I thought you said we had forty machines, boss, that's why I got us this big place!"
"Four. FOUR."

In context, it's still hilarious.
"560 square metres? I only asked for 56!"

I get it, plenty of space when not much stock out on hire, but still.

Good luck MAS, my your machines not lay in the hands of idiots.

13 Aug 2019

Good luck to all involved

13 Aug 2019
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