Off the back of a truck

A two axle All Terrain crane belonging to the UK Army, came off the back of a truck earlier today on a motorway near Rosyth, Scotland.

The delivery truck was heading south on the M-90 motorway towards the new Queensferry crossing bridge to Edinburgh when the load broke free on straight section close to a junction. Given that this occurred on a straight section of road, one assumes that the truck was forced to brake suddenly and sharply, causing the tie down slings/chains to break?

The incident blocked the road for some time and caused traffic chaos, but thankfully no one was injured or hurt. If it had landed on a car passing in the fast lane this could have been a very nasty accident.


when I got my crane lowloadered from wales, the wagon driver told me to set the riggers down onto the deck, that way bumps and the like aren't likely to make a (in my case, 40 tonne, above, 24) vehicle rock about on the wheels placing additional stress on the chains and even possibly loosening them - that's what I guessed happened here, as I can see that the rigger pans are in the stowed position.

16 Aug 2019

I,m guessing we wont be seing this one in the next Supertruckers series.

16 Aug 2019
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