Truck mount fire

Truck mounted lift fire
A telescopic boom truck type work platform caught fire on Thursday when it contacted power lines in Waco, Texas.
The fire could be seen for miles around and cut power to around 300 homes and the hospital

The Waco Fire department said the man operating the lift - an Altec unit - was installing a sign when he became entangled in the wires causing the truck to burst into flames. Somehow the man in the platform managed to climb or jump down from the platform, escaping serious injury or death. Firefighters had to wait for the power to be cut before they were able to get started, as a result the machine was largely burnt out.
The platform was brought done once the power was disconnected but is a complete write off

The fire and gravity or the fire fighters finally brought the boom down

The operator was unhurt, but a large number of homes, along with the hospital were without power for some time.


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