Runaway crane

A runaway All Terrain crane almost ended up in the Fontanka River in St Petersburg, Russia over the weekend.

The crane driver had only left the vehicle – a two axle Terex PPM AC40/2L - for a couple of seconds to readjust a rear view mirror and failed to apply the handbrake properly. As a result the crane ran across the road and crashed through the riverside posts/railings before almost dropping into the water. Fortunately, nobody was hurt as it was early in the morning and the streets were fairly quiet. A larger crane was called in and managed to recover the crane a few hours later.
The crane is lifted out of the river

The entire incident was captured on CCTV footage which you can see below.


wow, six likes and four dislikes.

anyway I realised I was being obtuse, so what I meant was: normally, if someone said "oh it ended up in a river", we usually think of 'fully submerged', if not 'free floating on the surface'. i.e. that steel beam ended in the river (sank to the bottom), and the wood too (is floating down stream)...

a crane ended up in a river, but not quite - the back axle rested still at road level, and did so because the river wasn't deep, really wasn't, in the video as it nose-dived, you can see the moment the boom cathead must have hit the bottom, before the back end flopped back against the sidewall. So it was neither submerged from its weight, not free floating. some of the weight was resting on a surface outside of the river: ergo, it wasn't in the river. But still needing lifting out of the river, ergo, it was in the river.
If the boom wasn't passed the cab - say this happened to a trick exactly as long as the crane carrier, that WOULD have ended up in the river fully.
And there you have it. That is how a crane that almost end up in a river did in deed end up a river, yet it only did so almost. By having a boom longer than the river is deep.

Oct 12, 2019

By having a boom longer than the river is deep.

Oct 10, 2019

How does a crane that almost end up in a river end up in a river !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 9, 2019
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