Mobile self-erector collapse

A mobile self-erecting tower crane collapsed onto the roof of a new industrial building in Schramberg-Sulgen, Germany yesterday.

The incident occurred at the new production facility of magnet manufacturing specialist MS Schramberg.
The crane was working on the new MS Schramberg plant

According to the reports we have received so far, the crane, a three year old Liebherr MK100, owned and operated by crane rental company Schmidbauer, was lifting a load – possibly a large steel beam - onto the building, the operator was working from the elevated cab and had already lowered the load to a height that the banksman was able to touch it and prevent it from swinging during final placement. At this point the load was apparently around mid jib, when the operator began to ‘trolley out’ a little more as indicated by the banksman. But the crane appears to have over reached its capacity causing it to tip forward, with the main telescopic tower contacting the edge of the building and buckling. One report suggested the crane was short rigged on the load side in order to be closer to the building, and that this caused it to tip forward. However we have been unable to confirm this.
The operator was in the elevated cab

The tower simply buckled

The 52 metres of jib dropped onto the roof, while part of the load and debris crashed through the roof showering the factory below with stones, plastic parts and other debris. The plant was occupied with the debris showing into the plastic injection moulding area.
The 52 metre jib crashed onto the roof along with the load

The operator was able to extricate himself from the wrecked cab and was unhurt as was the banksman. No one else was involved in the failed lift. We will update if and when we learn more.


Gained by moving closer: what, a metre?
Lost by short-rig duties: Probably a lot more than a metre.

Oct 12, 2019
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