It was not a crane!

The new Hard Rock hotel currently being built in New Orleans collapsed this morning, with many of the news services blaming it on the “collapse of a construction crane” even though there was no evidence of this. What looks like a hoist mast and loading platform came down with the facade, and it is possible that they might have just have been involved with the building's failure? but it is impossible to determine that at this stage.
The building collapsed but the cranes held firm – so far

Sadly the incident has resulted in at least one death and 18 injuries, all of them construction workers on the site. One of the two tower cranes – both Liebherr from the Morrow fleet - is very vulnerable given that it was erected in the lift shaft, which has now gone, while the collapse appears to have damaged the tower.
The cranes managed to withstand the building collapse as did one of two hoists

One of the cranes was lifting a beam at the time, and was badly affected by the collapse, but assuming the operator was not hurt, he has had plenty of time to climb down to safety.
No sign of a third crane in the rubble

What actually caused the collapse is not known, a video of the moment the building collapsed can be seen below. We will update this reports when we learn more. We understand that up to three construction workers are still unaccounted for.

Two men have now been confirmed dead in the incident, Anthony Floyd Magrette, 49, and one other. A third man is still missing, all others have been accounted for. Both cranes have now been confirmed as unstable, one of them particularly so. Morrow has flown in a senior engineer while Liebherr has sent one of its most experienced engineers to help devise a safe dismantle plan for the two cranes.

The two crane were brought down with explosive charges on October 20th See Explosive demolition for new Orleans cranes


Graeme Davison
Just watched the crane implosion live on tv...dont think that went as planned.... but if you want to plant a tower crane upside down in a street then that was excellent !

Oct 20, 2019

Steve OB
They may have thought a crane was involved because it looks like the external Hoist went over as the structure collapsed... Condolences to the families of those who lost a loved one and hopefully they find the missing worker alive.

Oct 14, 2019

Graeme Davison
Was that structure built to meet American Building Regs ?

Seems a tad flimsy - wouldn't expect such a total collapse, even in a part constructed state...

Reminds me of Ronan Point collapse in London back in 1968

Absolute tragedy that people were killed and injured in this incident !

Oct 14, 2019