153ft articulated Sinoboom

Sinoboom will launch the 153ft GTZZ46J articulated boom lift tomorrow, which it claims is the highest reach articulated boom lift on the market, topping the JLG 1500AJP by 400mm.
Sinoboom chairman rolls out the new 153ft GTZZ46J at the company’s plant

Sinoboom chairman Liu Guoliang introduces the new boom lift

With a stated working height of 48.6 metres, 25.5 metres of outreach with a platform capacity of 275kg and maximum capacity of 455kg at 19.1 metres the new boom appears to have a three section telescopic riser/lower boom and three section boom, topped by an articulating jib - the same general configuration as the JLG 1500AJP. Unusually it has dual lift cylinders for the top boom. Overall weight is 26.3 tonnes.
The new 153ft GTZZ46J has a similar configuration to the JLG1500AJP

The chassis also looks very similar to that used on the JLG 1500AJP and Genie’s large ZX and SX models which was the subject of some patent related issues a few years back See JLG warns JLG of patent concerns If so it will have an overall stowed width of 2.5 metres opening to five metres in working mode.
The GTZZ46J uses a similar chassis concept to the largest JLG and Genie boom lifts

At this stage the company is keeping further details of the new machine close to its chest, although we do know that it is has four wheel drive, and four wheel steer and will include a full telematics system with remote diagnostics etc.

We will update this item when we have sight of the full specification sheet, the machine is due to make its first public appearance at Apex Asia tomorrow morning.


identical rather than very similar

Oct 22, 2019
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