Crane operator rescued

A tower crane operator suffered a ‘medical emergency’ yesterday in Ottawa, Canada following an incident with the load he was lifting.

The crane is working at a site in the Hintonburg area of the city, and was lifting a stillage of timber beams when one two legs of the four leg chain set broke free of the stillage causing some of the beams to fall into the street below. At this point the operator was no longer able to continue to operate the crane.
The chains on one side of the stillage became detached

Suspecting the operator had suffered some form of attack, the site called in the emergency services. The fire service arrived with a ladder platform which, it turned out was not high enough to reach the crane cab. Paramedics therefor climbed the crane tower ladders and were able to assess his condition. They then used a ‘Stokes Basket’, ropes and pulleys to bring him down.

The operator was taken to hospital where his condition is said to be stable.
The rescue is underway


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