Liebherr 125 K for Vogel

Swiss crane rental company Vogel Kranvermietung has taken delivery of a Liebherr 125 K fast erecting tower crane.

The 125 K has a maximum capacity of eight tonnes and a maximum radius of 55 metres, at which it can handle 1.3 tonnes. Maximum hook height is 65.5 metres.
Liebherr 125 K

Owner Joseph Vogel said: “Our customers are classic building contractors, roofers and carpenters –and the 125 K is ideal for special projects where space is extremely limited. We receive enquiries regarding special projects on a regular basis because of our flexible rental fleet.”
(L-R) Thomas Fanger of Liebherr, Josef Vogel, Urs Felber and Martin Howeger of Vogel Kranvermietung, and Daniel Kiefer of Liebherr

Based in Waldblick, northern Switzerland, Vogel Kranvermietung has around 150 tower cranes in its rental fleet, as well as loader cranes and mobile self-erecting tower cranes.


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