AC Konecranes Gottwald for Zuidnatie

Belgian transport and logistics company Zuidnatie Breakbulk has taken delivery of two Konecranes Gottwald electric powered mobile harbour cranes, a Model 3 GHMK 3405 and a Model 7 G HMK 7508 B.

The 100 tonne GHMK 3405 has been ordered in the two rope variant, and the 125 tonne G HMK 7508 B in the four rope variant. Both cranes are equipped with an AC electrical power unit to connect to the harbour’s mains power supply.
Konecranes Model 3 GHMK 3405

Managing director Stéphanie Feys said: “We have been operating Konecranes Gottwald mobile harbour cranes for more than 20 years. We trust both the high overall performance of the cranes and the eco-efficiency of their diesel electric drive. After discussing our needs with Konecranes, we have decided to move closer to fully electric operation for both environmental and economic reasons.”
Konecranes Model 7 G HMK 7508 B

Konecranes director sales Benelux Alexandros Stogianidis added: “Konecranes’ electric drives give lower operational costs over the crane’s lifecycle and can deliver even higher efficiency with an external power supply, making them an excellent investment for our customers. This project underlines the value of our long term partnerships, and shows the growing momentum behind our eco-efficient portfolio of products.”


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