Crane overturn in Genoa

An All Terrain crane working on the replacement of the Morandi Bridge /viaduct that collapsed last year in Genoa, Italy, overturned yesterday, injuring three people on the site.

The crane, a four axle Marchetti, owed by the contractor Brixia Cantieri was carrying out a lift when the rear outrigger appears to have punched through the ground surface, causing the crane to tip forward.
Of the three men injured, one was only slightly hurt and was released after treatment and within the hour, the second person suffered injuries that were described as a little more serious with the man treated for minor cuts and abrasions but was kept under observation, while the third person has injuries described as a little more serious, but not considered to be life threatening.
The scene not long after the incident occurred

Architect Renzo Piano, who designed the new viaduct - without charging for his services - has repeatedly stressed the need for safe working practices on the site and when more detailed plans for the new bridge were published earlier this year, he said: "we are working on the drawing board, while sitting in relative safety. I believe that all of the workforce should also be working safely”.

The bridge, shaped like a sail to reflect Genoa's seafaring heritage, was originally expected to be ready to open sometime next year - this may though be subject to delay.


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