Fatal boom lift incident

Two men were catapulted out of a boom lift platform on Wednesday, one of them has died while the other is seriously injured.

Both men, employees of the contractor J.R. Vinagro were working preparations for the demolition of an old interstate bridge in Haverhill, Massachusetts, From the information and photos we have been given it would seem they were working from a relatively new Genie SX105XC owned by the contractor, when they fell – the photographs also suggest that they were working over water which would explain the absence of a harness or lanyard, but it seems that after falling around 15 metres then landed on a barge, rather than in the water. It is also possible that they were working from another lift based on the barge.

The deceased has been named as Dennis Robertson, 44, he was declared dead at the scene, while his co worker, 46, was rushed to hospital with non life threatening injuries.
A closer look at the machine which were are told they were using

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation issued a statement, which said: “We are sad to have to confirm that two employees working for MassDOT’s contractor on a barge at the I-495 Haverhill Bridge Replacement Project were involved in an accident this morning and one employee has died. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation will be cooperating fully with OSHA and other authorities in determining what occurred to lead to this tragedy. Hearing such a thing would be devastating any day of the year, but it's the day before Thanksgiving and my only prayer is we can still enjoy these holidays."


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