Crane tips in Finland

An All Terrain crane overturned yesterday in Nikkilä near Sipoo, North East of Helsinki in Finland.

The crane was working on the site of a new bank when it tipped, we understand that it lost stability due to the outrigger set up and/or ground conditions. BUT – we do not have final confirmation on this yet.

The boom landed on one of several trucks, but we have been told that no one was hurt in the incident.


We have now seen other photographs which show that the crane did not in fact overturn, what happened is that the superstructure suffered a severe structural failure as it lifted over the front. The cause is most likely down to metal fatigue- usually brought on by regular overloading, which eventually causes a catastrophic failure as occurred in this case. We are looking to obtain more detailed information. It seems the crane is relatively old Krupp 130 tonne GMK 5130 or possibly a 100 tonne 5100.
A new photograph received from a regular reader showing the unusual superstructure failure


I do wonder if cold temperatures have had any effect on the structural integrity, or if it's just old and abused..

Dec 17, 2019
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