Total eclipse of safety measures

Spotted near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, UK, a truck and loader crane removing a lamp post at night with little to no attempt to take the most basic safety measures.

The crew are not only working at night, but it appears to be pouring with rain, and their truck is parked half on the road and half on the pavement/sidewalk. The front outrigger/leg is extended and set up half on the kerb edge and half off with no attempt at cribbing or to use a mat. On top of this the crane is set up opposite a bus stop, in the case of a bus stopping to drop passengers off, it is not difficult to imagine a motorist approaching from behind the truck – a little too fast perhaps – slam their brakes on, and in the wet skid into the truck or the bus.
Lifting on a wet and miserable night

In the words of our correspondent:
Came across this Kirklees Council team using a hiab to remove redundant lampposts: -
- No signs
- No lane closure
- Working at night with no flashing beacons
- Footpath not closed off
- Outrigger half on kerb edge and no matts used
- No barriers
A little closer and its clear precious little effort has been made to protect themselves from passing traffic

It is hard to imagine how this crew - which one imagines is out working on the roads all the time - managed to ignore all the basics on such a filthy night? Perhaps this is one of those cases of a hi-viz coat and hard hat giving a sense that the safety bit is all sorted, and they are therefore immune from danger?
The outrigger foot – half on the kerb edge – no cribbing or mat

Certainly a prime example of how not to did it.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series
Have a safe weekend


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