Pick up crane

UK based Ernest Doe has introduced a new pick up mounted one tonne crane

The crane, a 1.1 tonne/metre Maxilift ML110.3ERS telescopic loader crane, is mounted on a Ford Ranger pick up and can handle one tonne over the side on the base boom section, or 250kg when fully extended to 3.75 metres. The total weight of the rig is 2,180kg although this can vary a little depending on the specification of the truck. The cargo payload with the crane fitted is 540kg – rather than the normal 840kg. The unit includes a set of rear manually operated stabilisers.
The unit can carry 540kg of cargo in the load bay

The crane can load/unload material into the pick up or onto a trailer or be used as a small crane for other lifting duties. The company anticipates that the crane will appeal to builders, ground keepers, landscapers, farmers, utility companies and rental companies. The Maxilift is manufactured by Next Hydraulics and can also be fitted to Hilux, Navara and L200 pick up trucks as well as all variants of Transit van or similar.
Maximum capacity on fully extended boom is 250kg

While the concept of mounting this type of loader crane on a pick up truck is common in Australia and South Africa, it is still a relatively new concept in Europe and in particular the UK.


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