Eight mega cranes for Kuwait Airport

Zoomlion has delivered eight 120 tonne flat top T2850-120V tower cranes to Kuwait for work on the construction of new terminal of Kuwait International Airport.

The tower cranes are the largest tower cranes ever exported from China and feature an 85 metre jib with 27 tonne jib tip capacity.
(Eight 120 tonne Zoomlion tower cranes have been delivered to Kuwait Airport]

At least some of the cranes have been customised and are track mounted, apparently allowing them to travel with a load, in order to cover a wider area. The core zone of the airport's terminal building is a massive steel and concrete dome structure, which will be placed by the cranes on site.
The handover – also note that the cranes are mounted on rails

Ren Jie of Zoomlion export, said: "The customer chose Zoomlion's large tonnage flat top tower crane because of its 85 metre long jib with 27 tonne capacity, and maximum lifting load of 120 tonnes, which is of great use when hoisting incredibly heavy, prefabricated concrete components. The model's slew accuracy and rigid jib, also make it ideal in crowded construction sites."


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