Using the street

This photo of a crane at work in the street was received from a reader last month and is said to show a lift that was carried out in the greater Manchester area of the UK at that time.

It looks as though it is preparing to lift some sort of large bath, hot tub or maybe a fridge? over the house and in to the back yard/garden. The operator has set up on a road junction with the outriggers extended well into the street, and yet no sign of any attempt to cordon off or warn road users of the obstacle. On top of that it looks as though one of the load side outriggers is set up close to a manhole cover? Although the operator probably checked this out in advance……. When he obtained his permit to close one lane of the road.

In the words of our correspondent: “This is a crane operated by a company in Manchester, he’s going to have a massive accident and hurt somebody soon. Definitely one for the death wish as it doesn’t have a name on the side.”

One imagines that the lift was completed without any serious issues, was it crane hire or contract lift? – regardless it definitely qualifies for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend

The following link was provided by the Jimmycrane comment https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1443195539191965&id=261124664065731&anchor_composer=false


Shits and giggles
In like a glove! ????

Jun 10, 2020


May 31, 2020

Yes we have all done silly things, but there comes a point when safety, proper work practices and common sense prevails, and "silly things" are NOT done anymore.

Feb 28, 2020

Crane lads
Don't know much about the company but we have all done silly things.

Feb 27, 2020

This guy definitely needs to Leave the crane hire industry alone and stick to his other company’s printing t shirts and modifying cars instead. Iv spoke to a good few crane hire company’s who won’t even supply MCS as there fed up of getting a bad name by his inadequate planning of jobs as there name is on the crane or even worse they don’t get paid. Hopefully everyone will stop supplying so that we can up the standard of the crane hire industry. I don’t think there has been a photo posted by this company that o haven’t pointed out a major issue with there set up or slinging. Very poor quality of work shown here.

Feb 23, 2020

upping the game
MCS is a great company to continue to remind others what could go wrong and how not to do things.

While most people take pride in there work and look to offer a good service, others like MCS just like to put shitty dangerous pictures out there earn some money and not pay suppliers.

I am sure he will be trading with another name before long, but dont know how that will work when in court after hurting or killing someone as that is what is on the cards with working practices like this.

If i am incorrect please feel free to look at each and every picture that MCS posts, play spot the mistake normally need two hands every time.

As always jokers in the industry giving others a bad name.

For those out in the field with MCS please be safe and dont put others in danger just to make a quick few pounds..

Feb 23, 2020

Crane man 95

Normally I wouldn’t dignify your message with a response but today I will make an exception because I can’t deal with your stupidity!!! Please read this slowly in your head so you understand what I am saying....

Last message I politely tried to tell you I am not interested in you ranting at me to express a dislike for MCS, crane owner politics isn’t my bag (politics / crane politics / brexit, I’ve had enough!!!) to call out my personality or traits is poor form when you don’t no me and using this platform and my name to vent issues that don’t even concern me shows a blatant lack of class in my humble opinion.

As for defensive, behave yourself squire.... I would of engaged in a constructive conversation about said picture but your tone of message and language used showed me that any type of conversation wouldn’t have got of the ground! My acknowledgment to demag40 blatantly shows that I am more than open to the opinions of others on this comments page, only a fool would close of his mind to the opinions of fellow peers. You my friend have come at me all wrong.

To be honest it feels like this whole exercise I am taking part with you on is partly about the picture but more about your personal issues with MCS.


I don’t no you to have a problem with you and getting into a silly battle of wits over issues that do not concern me and I genuinely have no opinion on isn’t my style, so once again I bid you fair well and enjoy what is left of your weekend.

P.S i am not against you or your opinion and I genuinely hope you resolve what ever issues you have with MCS.

Feb 23, 2020

Yea no drama Deano,

i fail to see how my comments weren't constructive (the ones not jabbing at Jamie anyway) you just seem to be very defensive, probably because you know that you or they are in the wrong, it's okay Deano, alot of people have that trait.

I can 100% confirm my reasons are valid, Please feel free to go onto companies house and search evalift, it will confirm my 'claims'

Maybe i have taken my personal vendetta against MCS out on you and for that i can only apologies for, it was not my original intent.

But, it doesn't excuse that your trying to stand up for this poor practice, it's jobs like this that keep dragging our skilled career into the mud, we don't need to cut corners, we don't need to do half a job, we don't need to work unsafely, so why do it ?!

We all keep calling for better pay within the lifting industry, but, whilst theres companies like MCS out there that promise to be "40%" cheaper then any other company, that offer "black friday sales" that will offer a "10% Reduction" in commemoration on remembrance day ? that's just down right disrespectful.... then rates will never rise and pay will never get better.

i honestly think we are at breaking point, the next two years will mark a massive change in the lifting industry for the better.

I hope that it improves enough that i would actually recommend this career to my Kids....

Also, MCS don't pay their bills, fact, anyone can offer 40% off a contract lift if their not going to pay the crane supplier..

Feb 23, 2020

Crane man 95

What I no and don’t no is none of your concern pal, the fact is if you had something constructive to say within all of the drivel you have just spouted I would engage in an intelligent discussion with you, but unfortunately you haven’t. (Demag40 made some constructive and realistic criticism about the type of job it was and placements of mats that anybody reading would take on board, you my friend have just ranted with a personal touch)

For somebody that doesn’t want to slate anybody you have gone above and beyond to discredit Jamie Shawcross and mobile crane services, you may have your reasons for this and they may or may not be valid but it is not something If wish to get involved in with you.

So if you don’t mind I would be grateful if you didn’t call me out again to discuss how much of a %@# you think Shawcross is.

P.s there is no point in replying back to me as you won’t get a reply. You as everybody else are entitled to your opinion but to be quite frank I don’t care for yours, enjoy your weekend pal.

Feb 22, 2020

Deano -

Seems like you know alot about this lift, was you involved ?

From your comment it seems like you know you didn't have a road closure in place and jumped on the back of another closure that was further down the road ? I suppose you still informed the council and acquired a crane permit ? of course you did.

Point 3 even incriminates you more, you've stated that you had men there diverting traffic ? great job, 10 points for effort, but that's what signs and barriers are for and that is why you should employ a TM company to properly manage and install your TM.

Finally, 15 minutes is a load of BS, it would of took that to get the crane in position and level, plus, what does time even have to do with it ? 1 minute or 10 months, if you don't have appropriate closures and permits then you shouldn't do it. end of.

And to finish, if you actually work for the company in mention (Mobile Crane Services) for those who don't know, then more fool you.

I don't like to slate others, i actively would encourage competition but MCS are not competition, they are cowboys that can't pay their bills, end off. the wrapped up EVA Lift ( Trading as MCS) last year owing thousands to crane companies and set up the following day like nothing has happened, they still actively gloat that they are the best out there why they borrow other peoples cranes and don't pay their bills. scum.

Again, i don't like to slate others, but if you run around showing off at the expense of others then someone is going to bite back.

*Note, i'm not trying slag off the lads, were all out here trying to earn a living and some times don't have much choice on employment. most of you are probably great lads but your boss Jamie Shawcross is not one of them.

I'm sorry, i have no time for someone who drives round in a Range Rover but can't pay their bills. their is no excuse for that.

Feb 22, 2020

These jobs will always happen and people will all justify why they did it . The only thing I didn’t understand why set up on the pavement. Always asking for problems . If this classic in and out job They usually fail it’s with what you set up on !!! That’s when you get the picture crane falls on house !!

Feb 22, 2020

Small Nylocast Mats on the Path ????

Feb 22, 2020

People say a “picture paints a thousand words”, in this case unfortunately it doesn’t.

Whilst I can openly admit this picture doesn’t look great, let’s examine what you CAN’T see....

1) The full road closure 150 metres to the left due to groundwork’s.

2) All the groundwork road signage diverting traffic up and away from the T junction the crane is sat on.

3) The men that are stood in place to bank the very little traffic that needed access between the crane and groundwork’s in the road.

4) the time it took to do the job... the crane was in and out with in 15 minutes and was lifting a 350kg tub (glorified washing machine) into the garden.

So to conclude yes I agree this lift wasn’t a health and safety classroom master piece, but the crane was in and out and the men on the job acted accordingly to, might I quote a tired old cliche “to the job done”.

On a personal note please may I ask the person who wrote this lazy piece of journalism not to nick a picture of the internet and then assume you no what’s going on, write about it and just print.

Also can I advise those keyboard warriors out there that love to express synthesised shock at everything they see and get on there high horse. The 2:30 at kempton is still on today you might want to try riding it around there instead of on here.

Feb 22, 2020

Last November I intervened with the work of a sign technician working on a McDonald’s M. In a bucket truck he wore no fall arrest harness. I said “it’s none of my business but as a tradesman who practices good safety, I’d like to suggest you protect yourself with a safety harness or at least a belt. He responded he had been doing this over 30 years and never needed a safety belt. I smiled, saluted and walked away. Maybe my gesture sank in later...who knows?

Feb 22, 2020

Quite a lot of these 'independant' contract lift companies have come to light over the last few years, common denominator ? fast track to AP course, get fancy van, don't have any cranes or equipment. These are the guys who are killing our trade to boost their self esteem, why don't they work for any of the big players if they are that good ? They are not, perfect example is Mr. Shawcross, doesn't even understand the basics of GBP's yet gets to do jobs like the one above. There is no policing of this industry, shame on the govering bodies.

Feb 21, 2020

Embarrassing and should be brought to book.

Feb 21, 2020

All the regulations, British Standards and common sense (or lack of) this is still happening in the UK. Its unbelievable to know that people still take chances like this.

Feb 21, 2020
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