Two new Palfinger TEC cranes

Palfinger is launching two new loader cranes in the 50 to 60 metre/tonne market with its PK 55.002 TEC 5 and PK 58.002 TEC 7.

The maximum load moment on the PK 55.002 TEC 5 is 53.1 metre/tonnes and 55.5 for the PK 58.002 TEC 7. Maximum capacity on the PK 55 is 19 tonnes, with 20 tonnes on the PK 58. Both cranes can take a one tonne load to a height of just over 20 metres and offer a maximum tip height of up to 37 metres, when equipped with the full polygon profile P-jib and extensions. Maximum radius is 33.7 metres. Mechanical extensions can be fitted to both the jib and the boom and integrated into the overload protection system.
the new Palfinger PK 58.002 TEC 7

Both models are equipped with the Power Link Plus double linkage, allowing the upper boom to elevate 15 degrees above the horizontal base section.

The hydraulic hoses to the boom are routed internally through the crane turret, while the main boom also includes enhanced protection against mechanical damage and the elements.

As with other Palfinger TEC - ‘Technology’ - cranes, the new models have the DPS Dual Power System for full lifting power in jib mode - DPS-Plus for the TEC 5, and DPS-C for the TEC 7 - as standard, along with the HPSC-Plus modules which monitors the crane bed tilt to provide greater capacity and improved stability by taking the load on the truck into consideration allowing higher loads when fully laden and reducing capacity when empty.

Michael Völker, head of crane product management said: “The PK 55.002 TEC 5 and PK 58.002 TEC 7 crane models represent a completely new design in the 55 to 60 metre/tonne segment. This goes for both the steel construction and the electronics."


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