Compact loader crane from IMT

US loader crane manufacturer and distributor Iowa Mold Tooling (IMT) has launched its new 2.72 tonne 6000 telescopic loader crane.

Mounted on a newly upgraded Dominator I service truck body, the compact crane can handle 2.49 tonnes at a maximum height of 7.3 metres and 770kg at a maximum radius of 6.4 metres. Features include remote controls, a newly designed boom tip and corrosion resistant components.

The company has said the new crane is up to 30 percent lighter than previous models while the upgraded Dominator body offers increased payload capacities of up to 450kg which allows the option to include a compact work bench bumper, a lightweight bolt bin or a CAS40PL air compressor which, the company claims is more than 40 percent lighter than previous models.
IMT's new 2.72 tonne 6000 telescopic loader crane

Justin Anderson, IMT marketing representative, said: “These innovative product enhancements increase the payload capability of our Dominator I mechanics truck package by approximately 1,000lbs, while providing our customers with more options to meet their field service needs. Reducing the weight and incorporating features that extend the life of the crane ensures our customers benefit from increased payload for years to come.”
The new crane is said to be up to 30 percent lighter than previous models


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