Long step ladder and more

Spotted at Conexpo this week while the show was open, two men rigging a roofing sheet/cover on a stand following some rain.

They have long step /A-Frame ladder and one has straddled a partition barrier while the other has one foot on the ladder and on the wall or graphic panel.

As anyone who has used one of these forms of access knows, the danger is that a shift of balance caused by the leg on the wall.. can easily push the ladder over, as they are not designed to cope with any significant side loadings. The result a sudden fall backwards with as the ladder goes over. Falls such as this are one of the biggest causes of serious injury and particularly back injuries, all too often leading to a life in a wheelchair.

This in the area of the show with dozens of scissor lifts and other platforms on display and a whole fleet of rental machines on the other side of the barrier.

While now the worst case, definitely one for our Death Wish series.
Have a safe weekend


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