Working over the road

Spotted in north Shropshire yesterday, two men using a van mounted lift to work on a telegraph pole.

However in spite of working on the blind bend of a narrow road, the machine is operating with the boom positioned horizontally across the road.

When our reader challenged the two characters over the safety risks, the one on the ground said: “It’s OK I’m watching the traffic” - although in this photo he clearly was not.

If a car had come around the bend at any speed the two of them could have been ‘toast’. At least the man in the platform was wearing a harness!

To add a little balance, it looks as though it was a quiet country road and that any approaching vehicles would be travelling slowly and heard by the man on the ground, so that as long as he was not distracted he could indeed ‘flag down’ any traffic …

Hardly a great plan though. A proper road block would make more sense.
And therefore one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


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