Two Jekkos for Gruas Garro

Spanish crane and transportation company Gruas Garro has taken delivery of a 3.6 tonne Jekko SPX 536 spider crane and a 15.5 tonne JF545 heavy duty articulated spider crane from distributor Transgruas.

The SPX 536 can lift 1,000kg at a height of 12.1 metres and take 250kg out to its maximum radius of 11.2 metres. It has an overall length of 4.14 metres, an overall width of 1.1 metres and a stowed height of 1.94 metres. Supplied with the 3.6 metre JIB600.2H hydraulic jib it offers a maximum tip height of 16.1 metres.
The SPX 536 has been supplied with the 3.6 metre JIB600.2H hydraulic jib

The JF545, which was delivered by Transgruas earlier this year, combines a Fassi articulated loader crane with a Jekko tracked chassis and dual diesel/AC electric power packs for indoor and outdoor work. The crane, which has an overall width of 1.84 metres and an overall length of 5.45 metres, can handle 500kg at its maximum tip height of 30.7 metres and 600kg at a maximum radius of 28.1 metres.
Gruas Garro took delivery of the JF545 articulated spider crane in February


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