Loader crane over reaches

A large articulated loader crane overturned in the town of Pfeffingen, due south of Basel, in Switzerland on Monday.

The 22 tonne capacity (62t/m) Palfinger PK65002D SH loader crane, mounted on a three axle Scania chassis, was lifting a bulk bag of top soil over the top of an underground parking entrance onto a terrace when it overturned.
The overturned Palfinger PK65002D SH

The ramp into the underground car park required the crane to set up further back than the operator would have liked, resulting in the use of both its main boom and jib (this crane has up to 32 metres reach). It is hard to tell how far the front outriggers on the lift side were extended as, while they appear to have been only partially extended, it is possible that they partially retracted as the crane tipped. On the other hand the rear outriggers were certainly not fully extended.
The crane went over after lifting a bulk bag of top soil over the top of an underground parking entrance

The crane’s jib came down on the terrace railing however damage to the property looks to be surprisingly minimal and fortunately no one was injured. The damage to the crane is another thing altogether.
Two loader cranes from a local recovery company later retrieved the stricken crane

The regional police - Polizei Basel-Landschaft - issued a statement complete with the photographs saying that the incident is “subject of ongoing investigations by the specialists on site”.


That is just poor positioning, if he had stopped further back his/HER outrigger could gone on the concrete down the ramp for the car park access.

Apr 23, 2020
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