Two more Palfinger Tec cranes

Palfinger has launched two new 40 to 50 tonne/metre loader cranes, the PK 45.002 TEC 5 and PK 48.002 TEC 7. The join two 50 to 60 tonne/metre models launched last month and round out the company’s 25 to 60 tonne/metre range

The 43.7 tonne/metre MK 45.002 Tec 5 has a maximum lifting capacity of 15.6 tonnes, a 22.5 metre seven section hydraulic tip height or 25.9 metres with manual insert extended, while maximum radius is 22 metres at which it can handle 1,280kg.
The seven section PJ150 jib option plus manual extension takes the tip height to 35 metres with a capacity of 500kg and offers a maximum radius of to 31.3 metres at which it can lift 280kg. it can also luff to horizontal with the boom at 70 degrees elevation, providing an up and over clearance of 20 metres. When the boom is horizontal it can luff up to 25 degrees above horizontal. 360 degree continuous slew is standard, with a choice of single or dual slew motors.

The 45.7 tonne/metre PK 48.002 TEC 7 is almost identical structurally with the same boom and jib configuration but offers a maximum capacity of 16.5 tonnes and a different specification, for example the PK45 has a standard Scanreco P3 radio remote controller, while the PK48 has a PALcom P7 controller.
The 45.7t/m PK 48.002 TEC 7

Both cranes have an overall folded width of 2.55 metres, while taking up to 1.43 metres of longitudinal bed space, and weighs 4,300kg. Maximum outrigger spread is 7.8 metres.

The Tec 7 model is equipped with Palfinger’s Weigh function allowing the operator to accurately weigh a load directly with the crane, also helping with set up. The system also automatically saves the last 10 weighing operations and can add them up if required, useful when loading the truck.
The new cranes feature the Palfinger P boom profile

Crane product manager Michael Völker said: “the PK 45.002 TEC 5 and PK 48.002 TEC 7 rounds off our product range in the 25 to 60 metre/tonne category. The innovative steel construction combined with the familiar TEC features help to make applications noticeably more efficient. Whether container handling, carrying out building maintenance or performing assembly work, the new cranes are highly versatile as rear- or front mounted versions on trucks.”

“They perform outstandingly with or without a fly jib. One common variation is the PK 48.002 E with PJ150 E jib, which combines six extensions on the crane and a further six extensions on the fly jib for enormous lifting capacity.”

"One can choose between three fly jibs, thePJ075, PJ090 or PJ150. This means that DPS-P or DPS-C is always on board, helping to utilise maximum lifting power in fly jib mode. The PK 48.002 TEC 7 E combined with PJ150E and DPS-C for example, can lift up to 1,080kg to a height of 18 metres over a 17 metre outreach while positioned at 70 degrees – an impressive performance that is particularly useful for work performed at high altitude such as window installation or in workman baskets during building maintenance.”


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