Sennebogen first for Netherlands

Dutch piling and drilling company Van Thek has taken delivery of the first 100 tonne Sennebogen 6100 E duty cycle crawler crane in the Netherlands from distributor Van den Heuvel.

Supplied with a 52.3 metre lattice boom, the 6100 E can lift 32.7 tonnes at seven metres and take 1.4 tonne out to its maximum radius of 52 metres. Features include Stage V diesel power, start/stop technology, heavy duty hydraulic power pack and two 16 tonne winches.

The crane can self-install its counterweight and tracks without the need for a second crane, while its extendable undercarriage offers overall working widths from 3.5 to five metres. The crane has been delivered as a general lift crane, but has a number of other possible configurations and attachments for soil compaction, casing, dragline bucket, grab, and diaphragm walling applications.
Van Thek has taken delivery of one ofnthe first Sennebogen 6100 E duty cycle crawler cranes

The crane went straight out on its first job, installing foundation piles, each measuring 33.5 metre in length and weighing 12.3 tonnes, for the new town hall in Albrandswaard, on the south side of Rotterdam.


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