Total Refurb

Danish rental company Slagelse Liftudlejning has had two of its Niftylift boom lifts total refurbished by Polish reconditioning, rebuild and remanufacturing company Nifty4sale.

Rather than selling the 15 year old HR15NDE and HR12NDE boom lifts Slagelse sent them to Nifty4sale where they were completely dissembled and remanufactured back to a ‘good as new’ condition.

Over a six week period, both booms were completely stripped apart, including the removal of all fluids – cooling liquids, hydraulics and diesel oils – which were replaced along with all hoses, batteries, wheels and the platform with original parts.
Remanufactured back to a 'good as new' condition

The steel components/weldments were then sand blasted and repainted in Slagelse’s blue and white livery. Once reassembled the lifts were tested to Niftylift’s specifications before being delivered back to the customer.
Every part was assessed to see if a replacement part was required

Anders Lindboe of Slagelse said: “The machines are like new ones - the investment is in my opinion really good compared to the purchase of two new machines. This is definitely not the last time we will make use of remanufacturing.”
The new platform basket and control panel

Mark van Oosten of Niftylift/Nifty4sale added: “Remanufacturing offers a good possibility to renew a company’s fleet. Furthermore, concerning the environment, refurbishing is the better alternative to selling or scrapping.”


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