Narrow jacking CTEs

Italian aerial lift manufacturer CTE has introduced narrow jacking versions of its 25 metre Zed 25 and 23 metre Zed 23.3 truck mounted platforms.

The Zed 25 ‘HN’ - indicating narrow stabilisation – offers a maximum outreach just over 12 metres with a reduced 100kg platform capacity, while maximum capacity is 250kg.

The Zed 23.3 ‘JHN’ offers an outreach of 10 metres with an unrestricted 250kg platform capacity throughout the entire work envelope except when positioned over the front of the chassis at which point it is reduced to 200kg for the final metre.
CTE's new Zed 25 HN truck mount with narrow jacking

Both models are mounted on a six tonne Iveco Daily chassis and feature a dual sigma type riser. The Zed 23.3 is topped by a two section telescopic boom and jib, while the Zed 25 is topped by a three section telescopic boom. With its outriggers fully deployed the overall width measures just 2.36 metres.
CTE's new Zed 23.3 JHN with narrow jacking

Both units also feature the company’s S3 Smart Stability System, which automatically adapts the working envelope to match the position of the boom and outriggers as well as the weight in the platform.

The introduction of these two models follow the launch of the 23 metre B-Lift 23 HV last week – see: New 23m from CTE.


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