Mighty Tiny milestone

German crane rental company Wiesbauer has taken delivery of the 250th six axle SK1265-AT6 ‘Mighty Tiny’ self-erecting mobile tower, having been one of the first customers in Germany to order a Spierings crane - a SK477-AT4.

The SK1265-AT6 has a maximum capacity of 10 tonnes which it can take to a radius of 13.2 metres. It can also lift 1,700kg at to its maximum radius of 60 metres and maximum height of 64.2 metres when the jib is luffed to 30 degrees. It is able to travel fully equipped or alternatively the counterweight can be removed to allow it to travel on 10 tonne axle loads.

Spierings founder Leo Spierings named the ‘Mighty Tiny’ after his late wife, Tiny, who died in October 2001. Since the delivery of the first unit in 2003 (see: Verschoor takes first new Spierings) the crane has mostly remained the same with only the engines and gearboxes updated in line with the latest technology and emission regulations.
(L-R) Koos Spierings with Jochen Wiesbauer, Sabine Wiesbauer, Thomas Wiesbauer and Leo Spierings

The company plans to introduce a hybrid version later this year with the crane powered by a 32 amp power supply. An additional 25kWh lithium-ion battery is also used to ensure a continuous low load on the power supply while the crane is being used at full capacity.

General manager Thomas Wiesbauer, said: “We are delighted with the SK1265-AT6 from Spierings, it is a reliable crane that can no longer be ignored in our crane fleet. It is a great honour to have taken the 250th unit Thanks to the ballast system, we are able to drive with a 60 and 72 tonne license, which makes the crane even more flexible to use in various German states. In the coming years we will see an even further shift from towards mobile tower cranes. Our customers are increasingly recognising the benefits, that makes this new crane a welcome addition to our fleet.”

Mathieu Braamhaar, Spierings sales engineer for Germany, added: “We are delighted to be able to supply this new crane to Wiesbauer - a customer from the very beginning. The operators at Wiesbauer are also very enthusiastic about our cranes, which makes us extra proud. The operator is the most important link in the success, he or she must be on the road with our cranes every day. ”

Based in Bietigheim-Bissingen, southern Germany, Wiesbauer was established in 1958 and operates from locations in Neckarsulm, Stuttgart, Schwaikheim and Plankstadt. The company’s fleet is topped by a 1,000 tonne Liebherr LR11000 crawler crane.

Click here to see Wiesbauer's new crane in action: