Liebherr barge crane for NY

New York scrap metal company Sims Metal Management has taken delivery of a 144 tonne Liebherr LHM 600 mobile harbour crane.

Installed on a quay side barge, the LHM 600 is able to move along the barge and handle up to 75 tonnes in a four rope grab configuration which - the company claims - makes it the strongest four rope floating mobile barge crane in the US currently.

Powered by a Tier IV diesel, it has also been ordered with Liebherr’s Pactronic system, with regenerative power generated from lowering the load and stored for use when the crane requires peak power during hoisting. The crane will be predominately used to load scrap metal and unload salt.
Sims Metals' new LHM 600 has a 75 tonne lift capacity in a four grab configuration

With two terminals at New York’s Port of Newark and a third just six miles away in Claremont, Jersey, the company will be able to operate the crane at all three locations. It also said the ability for the crane to move along the barge to reach further hatches without having to move the barge means that no adjustments to the port infrastructure are necessary, with space also gained at the quay edge.


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