4,000t Huisman for Taiwan JV

Taiwan based offshore joint venture CSBC-DEME Wind Energy (CDWE) has ordered a 4,000 tonne Huisman offshore mast crane for its heavy lift vessel Green Jade.

The crane, which will be used to install the next generation of foundations and wind turbines, can handle its maximum capacity at a height of 125 metres above deck. The addition of a super fly jib and whip hoist allows it to handle smaller components up to heights of 185 metres, while a 65 tonne knuckleboom crane will also be installed for general lifting purposes. Scheduled for delivery in 2022, the crane will be built at Huisman’s production facility in China.

Anne de Groot, Huisman project director, said: “We are very pleased with the confidence shown in Huisman by awarding us this contract. We are committed to deliver value adding assets to CBSC and its partners for the installation of future generation offshore wind turbines.”
The 4,000 tonne offshore mast crane will be built at Huisman's production facility in China


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