3,800t crane drops boom

The boom of a 3,800 tonne Chinese offshore wind installation crane collapsed last week while installing a turbine in the South China Sea.

The crane, mounted on the Yuhang 58 vessel, was built and is owned by Jiangsu Yuhang Offshore Engineering, but operated by Huadian Heavy Industries, one of China’s top five energy utilities. It was lifting a turbine monopile on the Guangdong Shanwei Houhu offshore wind farm project - funded by China Guangdong Nuclear - when the boom hoist winch apparently failed, allowing the boom to drop onto the turbine base.
The boom dropped onto the turbine base

We understand that no injuries were reported.

The 91 turbine Guangdong Shanwei Houhu offshore wind farm is located 12 miles offshore of Lufeng city, Guangdong province, in water depths of between 23 and 27 metres.
A photo of the crane before the incident occurred


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