New Klaas trailer crane

German trailer and truck mounted aluminium crane manufacturer Klaas has developed a new smaller capacity K280 trailer crane to replace the K17-24 TSR. The new machine has been designed as an all-round lifting tool for roofers and builders, offering a maximum capacity of 800kg at a radius of 6.5 metres.

The K280 has a maximum tip height of 27 metres with fully extended boom and offset top section. It can handle 250kg at an 18.5 metres radius, and a height of almost 15 metres, or take 300kg out to a 16.5 metre radius at a height of 17.5 metres.

The boom on the new crane has been structurally modified compared to its predecessor with a longer three section main boom to provide a 22 metre tip height to which the offset section/extension is attached, which helps improve up & over reach.

The K280 is operated with the new remote controller with digital readout. The outrigger beams are manual, but the width can be varied between 2.9 and 4.93 metres, with automatic levelling and outrigger footprint sensing. The ASC support monitoring system constantly checks the stability of the crane, taking into account wind and ground conditions. Power comes from a quiet petrol/ gasoline engine.

The crane has a total weight of 2.8 tonnes and once on site can be moved into position by means of a self-propelled drive mechanism.


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