Void causes overturn

A truck crane overturned in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, yesterday when two of its outriggers punched though the ground into an underground sceptic tank.

The crane, a Manitex mounted on a five axle truck from the fleet of Crane Services Broward/On the Spot Services, was placing a shed in the back garden of the home next door, when the outriggers sank into the void alongside the drive. This caused the crane to overturn onto the neighbour’s house severely damaging the roof, and sending debris into the kitchen, living room and bathroom. Fortunately the house was not occupied at the time as the owners were on vacation and the operator suffered only minor scratches.

The crane has now been recovered, with three large wreckers/breakdown trucks managing to upright the crane.

On Spot Services released the following statement: “Safety is our top priority here at On The Spot and we are very thankful nobody was injured. We have never had an accident prior to this one. The customer advised that there was NO septic tank, thus making it safe to park in the driveway but there was in fact a septic tank. The ground became unstable. The outrigger sank where the septic tank is, and the crane could no longer sustain itself.”

See the local news video here.


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