Tadano GTC-1800EX telecrawler ready for launch

Tadano has officially unveiled its 156 tonne telescopic crawler crane for launch and production.

Originally shown as a scale model TCC 160 on the Terex stand at Bauma last April, the new crane became the Tadano GTC-1800EX after the Demag business was acquired by Tadano in August last year. The rationale was that the Tadano already has a range of telescopic crawlers, while Demag is best known for its big lattice crawler cranes.

The crane tops out the Tadano line of telescopic crawlers which are built by its Tadano Mantis operation in North America. Developed at the Demag plant in Zweibrücken, it will be the first Tadano crawler crane built in Germany, where it will now go into production– although this could of course change dependent on the impending restructuring likely to begin next year - see: Tadano seeks formal restructuring.

Ingo Nöske, director product management crawler cranes, said: “Our goal is to become ‘One Tadano’. With the first telecrawler produced in Germany and branded by Tadano, this vision is now becoming a reality. This will strengthen cooperation between German and American colleagues in the Tadano group in the future. The group can take advantage of synergies and the ‘best of both worlds’ can flow into the development of new products – as is the case with the GTC-1800EX telecrawler, which has the Demag IC-1 Plus control as well as the IC-1 Remote telematics system technology. With the integration of the GTC-1800EX into the Tadano brand, we are bringing the lone warrior into the family, so to speak.”

Not a 180 tonner
The new crane nomenclature suggests a 180 tonne rating (200 tons in the USA) but its maximum capacity is a slightly odd 156 tonnes at three metres. However it has a maximum load moment of 590 metre/tonnes, which equates to a theoretical capacity of 180 tonnes at 3.2 metres, while the rest of the load chart is equivalent to a 160 to 180 tonne crane.
The crane has a maximum capacity of 156 tonnes

85m tip height
The crane has a six section 60 metre boom on which a five to 23 metre hydraulic luffing extension can be added with a luffing range from zero - in line with the boom - to an offset of 36 degrees. Intermediate lengths are 11 and 17 metres. Maximum tip height is 85 metres.
The full 23 metre extension offsets by 36 degrees

Variable tracked base
The tracks are available with one or 1.2 metre track pads and can be extended from 3.5 to six metres to the track centres. The overall track width with standard track pads runs from 4.82 to 7.32 metres. The tracks can be extended asymmetrically, to any position, with the crane’s intelligent control system based on the Demag control system IC-1 Plus, automatically calculating the load chart for the actual track width/configuration, slope and slew angle. The crane can pick & carry its full load chart.

Maximum counterweight is 45 tonnes on the superstructure and 15 tonnes on the carbody, while its maximum operating weight is just under 150 tonnes. The crane also has load charts for working on slopes of up to four degrees, at which it can handle 34 tonnes at a 12 metre radius with 30 metres of boom.
the asymmetrical track set up

Travel & transport
Tadano claim that the traction is best in class, with a true gradeability of 50 percent, with a maximum travel speed of 2.3kph and a ground clearance is 420mm. The transport width and height of the base crane are both three metres, while the heaviest transport unit weighs 47 tonnes. This can be reduced however to 42 tonnes by removing the extension beams used to adjust the track width. The two crawler units weigh 18.5 tonnes each, with one metre track shoes.

The crane can easily self-erect with jacks to lift it clear of a trailer and form a base from which to unload and install the tracks, with a standard counterweight installation system. In addition, most of the hydraulic couplings are quick connect, while the majority of the installation can be carried out form the operator’s cab which also tilts by up to 16 degrees. Plenty of steps and wide over the track walkways make this a great crane for access to the cab and the machinery compartment etc...
The crane offloads and completely self-assembles

Stage V power pack
Power comes from a six cylinder Stage V/Tier 4 Final Mercedes engine. The crane has two operating modes with include an Eco mode at 1,500rpm - which optimises fuel consumption - and Power Boost mode with the engine at 1,800rpm. In this mode it provides a noticeable power increase allowing full simultaneous operation of functions at high power or speed. The two hoists are technically identical, with 245 metres wire rope stowage, and a 13.9 tonnes single line pull.

The following video demonstrates some of the new crane’s features.


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