Tower and mobile crane anti-collision

AMCS Technologies has launched its latest anti-collision system designed for tower and mobile cranes working together on the same site.

The new system uses the company’s DCS 61-S technology to calculate movement speeds and distances between the cranes and their loads in real time and in three dimensions. Should the tower and mobile cranes move within the predetermined distance of each other, the system automatically reduces the tower crane’s speeds before eventually bringing it to a stop. An audible alarm within the mobile crane will also sound with increasing volume, and if it comes too close to the tower crane’s lifting zone.
The new system is designed to prevent collisions between tower cranes and mobile cranes on site

The company’s research and development team began work on the new system in February 2018, following requests from a number of customers. It is now available having successfully completed its field trials on a construction site for the Les Ardoines metro station in Vitry-sur-Seine, France, where it was installed on two tower cranes and a mobile crane.
It recently completed field testing on a large site in France


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