Tower crane down in Munich

A tower crane collapsed in Munich on Wednesday seriously injuring the crane operator, and a construction worker.

The crane, a Wilbert WT 150e tronic, hammerhead, was mounted on the top of a building in Arabella Strasse and was being dismantled when the tower base seems to have broken away from its foundation.
photo Sandro Schätz/Twitter

The crane then crashed down onto the roof of the HVB Tower, headquarters of Hypovereinsbank. The two men were airlifts to hospital while a third man received treatment for more minor injuries. The crane operator, 40, is now said to be in a stable condition, while his colleague, 32 remains in a critical state.
photo Sandro Schätz/Twitter

photo Sandro Schätz/Twitter

Police have now said that the incident appears to be relate to a structural failure, rather than being related to the dismantling process. A statement made yesterday, said: “Errors in dismantling can be ruled out but signs of possible material fatigue were found on the crane. The steel girder has given in.”
The crane's foundation gave way

A statement from Hypovereinsbank: added: “This morning around 9:30 am, an accident at work occurred on the construction site at the HVB Tower (Flachbau Nord) in Munich, Arabellastrasse 12, as part of the façade renovation. Unfortunately there were also injuries. All necessary rescue measures were initiated immediately. We support the rescue workers in the care of the injured and all authorities involved, to the best of our ability. We are also in contact with the responsible external companies who are working on clarifying the course of the accident and its consequences. We hope that the injured will recover as soon as possible. "

The fall was captured on video by a distant pedestrian.

Photographs courtesy of Sandro Schätz/Twitter


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