Europe’s largest quayside crane

Norwegian oil and energy service providers Wergeland and the PSW Groups have ordered a 2,600 tonne/metre Huisman Skyhook crane to extend the Gulen Industrial Harbour port capacity.

The crane will be supplied with the addition of a super fly jib, meaning it can handle its maximum capacity at a height of 170 metres above deck, and will be used for decommissioning and installation of foundations and wind turbines. Deployed from Gulen Industrial Harbour, it claims to be Europe’s largest fit for purpose quayside crane.

Trygve Wergeland, chief executive officer at Wergeland Base, said: “Wergeland has the ambition to become the primary assembly site for the growing offshore wind industry. During our preparatory work for ‘Hywind Tampen’ we have seen some of the challenges related to logistics and assembly of large offshore wind turbines. By establishing a crane capacity such as the one we are planning with Huisman and PSW, we will contribute to cost reduction and efficient logistics for clients in the years to come. With this crane capacity, along with the drydock that is currently under construction, we can offer a complete service portfolio together with PSW.”

Oddbjørn Haukøy, PSW group’s chief executive officer, added: “By entering into this letter of intent with Wergeland and Huisman, PSW fortifies its position as a leading full spectre service provider to the energy sector. Over the years, PSW has established a long standing cooperation with Wergeland. The new state-of-the-art quayside crane will further strengthen the drydock’s capabilities for its operations in the maritime, drilling, and renewable energy markets.”

David Roodenburg, chief executive officer at Huisman said: “We are proud to team up with Wergeland and PSW to bring Europe’s largest fit-for-purpose quayside crane to the west coast of Norway. With Norway’s focus on connecting its decade-long offshore expertise to today’s drive for clean energy, Huisman sees the installation of the proven Skyhook crane as a key driver to further enable logistic efficiency for Norway’s offshore industry.”

Wergeland Base, part of the Wergeland group, is located in Sløvåg, Norway. The groups activities are largely related to offshore energy market. PSW is headquartered at Mongstad, Western Norway, with additional offices in Liverpool, Singapore and Perth. The company delivers multidiscipline services to the oil and energy sector.


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