Three AC55-3 for Haegens Kraanverhuur

Dutch crane rental company Haegens Kraanverhuur has taken delivery of three 55 tonne Demag AC 55-3 All Terrain cranes.

The three axle AC 55-3 features a 50 metre main boom which can be lowered five degrees below horizontal for easy rigging from the ground. All three were ordered with the new Demag Flex Base, which allows each outrigger beam to be extended to any position, and then once the jacks are set the cranes IC-1 Plus control system monitors the actual position of each outrigger and creates a custom load chart, which is optimal for the space available.

Haegens Kraanverhuu’s owner, Stijn Haegens, said: “The Demag AC 55-3, to put it simply is the benchmark by which everything else in its class should be measured. We know we can always count on the excellent service and that gives us added certainty in all our projects.”
The company said that the Flex Base was @absolutely essential'

Founded in 1982, Haegens Kraanverhuur is based in Elsendorp, northeast of Eindhhoven. It operates a fleet of mobile, loader and self erecting tower cranes, telehandlers and transportation vehicles.